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Primghar City Council and Letter to the Editor


January 16, 2020

January 3, 2020

The zoning ordinance of the City of Primghar is to regulate and restrict the location and use of buildings, structures and land for trade, industry, residence and other purposes and encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the city as per the Code of Iowa, Chapter 414.

The administration of the Zoning enforcement is vested in the following (4) offices: Primghar City Council, Zoning Administrator, Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustment.

Chapter 414,Code of Iowa states the Planning and Zoning Commission shall prepare preliminary reports, hold public meeting thereon and after such hearings have been held, submit final reports and recommendations to the city council for approval.


The Code of Iowa has set the system up as a means of “checks and balances” to ascertain fairness and an orderly system to make sure “all” parties have a voice in decisions regarding city ordinances. The Planning and Zoning committee has followed the law and Code of Iowa checking to make sure “all parties have had a voice regarding planning and zoning.” This has been met with opposition because recommendations have not been made “fast” enough or to the “Liking” of “special interest groups or individuals.”


1. The Planning and Zoning has followed the Chapter 414, Code of Iowa rules and regulations for the “best interest” of the town of Primghar

2. Conflicts have occurred when the Code of Iowa has not been followed and when corrected, those being corrected had taken offense.

3. The planning and zoning committee has served without compensation for its time and efforts with exception of the zoning administrator who receives a stipend of $15 dollars per permit.

4. The city council as of January 1, 2020 has terminated Bob McCauley’s job as Zoning Administer (sic) and hired Northwest Iowa Planning from Spencer to take his place. The cost to the city for this change is as follows as per phone conversation with NW Iowa planning on January 2,2020(sic): Minimum of $100 per permit (time of 2 hours); any permit requiring more than 2 hours will $50 (sic) for input and information asked for by the city council; if NW Iowa needs to come to Primghar cost is 50 cents per mile. “NW Iowa would not come to check on the locations of buildings or checking on setbacks or other issues pertaining to the building permits.

5. Action taken by the city council on January 1, 2020 to the local zoning administrator shows no regard to him or value of the committee which has served for Primghar’s best interests.

6. With the decision by the City Council of Primghar to hire NW Iowa Planning to oversee the responsibility of dealing with zoning and planning, the current board sees no reason to exist or become a “RUBBER STAMP” to decisions the committee has not been a part of.

This letter is a resignation of my duties on the Primghar Planning and Zoning board effective immediately.

Bob McCauley /s/

Marlene Klink /s/

Von Kilts /s/

Brad McDowell /s/


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