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One issue that always seems to come to the front of the line this time of year is the appearance of what I like to term the "Yard Nazis". Yes I realize that is a bit overstated, but for want of a better term....

There always seems to be a particular set of individuals, private citizens or elected officials that by all appearances have nothing better to do with their time than to complain about what they consider offensive. Or to couch it in a term they use a "nuisance" on the property of another. Mind you there are issues that should be addressed in some cases, but quite often the complaint seems to be more based on personal preference rather than on public safety. It might be added here that in some instances a nuisance, say a "sign in disrepair" may be cited for one property owner, while the same violation exists on another property and is simply not cited. Why some "nuisances" get cited and others do not should be questioned. There are issues that should be addressed on many properties including those of the cities, but sometimes it just seems that only certain properties or people are targeted.

It is also rather upsetting to see a property owner being pursued for perceived violations only loosely defined in code. There are instances where the reason behind said violation may be because of financial burden, lack of time, people, or even tools. So it is a bit puzzling to see these complaints in many instances, is it our "Yard Nazis" have nothing better to do? Is their world so perfect they have nothing they could improve, and it is easier to complain about someone else then perhaps offer to lend a hand?

While it is true we need to address nuisances pertaining to public safety first and property maintenance to a lesser extent, we also need a nuisance ordinance against the "Yard Nazis"...


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