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 By Brian DeMoss    News    September 5, 2019

Social Security Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

People of different backgrounds sitting at a table enjoying dinner. Social Security touches the lives of nearly every American. Hispanics make up our nation's largest ethnic minority group with a...


Tools for Aging. Gracefully is Debatable.

The key to being on top of any endeavor is to recognize change and meet it head on. Aging is no different. Recognizing signs of aging, of self or others, requires appropriate reaction. Growing up is full of milestones and they are so easy to see....

 By Brian DeMoss    News    August 15, 2019

Mailperson delivering mail to a residental home.

Older people are at a greater risk of fraud and other forms of financial exploitation. The United States Postal Service has seen an increase in mail fraud and is promoting community strength and...

 By Beth Ellen Doran    News    May 9, 2019

Clippings from ISU Extension

Spring has many fragrances – gentle rains, freshly mown grass and flowering fruit trees – but none compare to the sweet fragrance of the common lilac. In fact, floral oil is extracted...

 By Brian DeMoss    News    May 9, 2019

Your Social Security

Social Security District Manager Spencer/Storm Lake Each May, Social Security releases the top 10 baby names of the previous year. We are the leading source for America's popular names because almost...

 News    May 2, 2019

Clippings from ISU Extension

Climate Change is a tough topic to address with any group of individuals. However, it is something that is affecting all of us, and it is especially affecting our growing season. We hear about rising...

 By Renee Sweers    News    April 11, 2019

Clippings from ISU Extension

Spring is here and everyone is ready for it. Warm weather brings fresh Iowa and Midwest produce, with asparagus being one of the first vegetables available. Perhaps you have wondered about produce: Wh... Full story

 By Brian DeMoss    News    March 28, 2019

Your Social Security

April is Financial Literacy Month and there's no better time than right now to begin to save for your future. The earlier you start saving, the more you can accrue in a 401k individual retirement... Full story


The Sutherland Courier Past Files

20 years ago – 1999 Easter Egg Hunt Saturday - The Annual Commercial Club Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, April 3, 1999, rain or shine. The festivities will be kicked off with a visit from... Full story

 By Margaret Murphy    News    March 21, 2019

"Clippings" from Iowa State Extension

If you were to walk into my office, you'd see a table full of tiny seedlings that recently emerged and are rapidly growing. Having this fresh, garden scene to look at while I work has done wonders...

 By Brian DeMoss    News    February 28, 2019

Your Social Security

March is Women’s History Month. It’s a time when we reflect on the achievements and contributions of our nation’s remarkable women. Many of these heroes might be people close to you: mothers...

 By Jan Manahan    News    February 28, 2019

"Clippings" from Iowa State Extension

No matter where you are at in your career, now is the time to give some thought to your retirement. If you are age 20, you may be thinking down the road 50 years and your main goal is to begin saving...

 By Renee Sweers    News    February 21, 2019

"Clippings" from Iowa State Extension

Concerned about your brain health and memory as you get older? Dementia is a public health concern and much research is focused on ways to reduce cognitive decline. The best thing for our brain is to... Full story

 By Submitted    News    February 14, 2019

"Clippings" from Iowa State Extension

The Master Gardener program teaches a lot, including the willingness to experiment. Such was the case last spring when I purchased my first canna. I really had no idea what to expect but was drawn to...


"Clippings" from Iowa State Extension

Years ago, I had a weeping fig otherwise known as Ficus benjamina. The genus Ficus includes a large group of plants that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and leaf forms. The weeping fig is a...

 By Dan Huseman    News    January 24, 2019

Weekly Newsletter from Dan Huseman

January 17, 2019 The first session of the 88th General Assembly convened at 10 a.m. on January 14, 2019. The opening day of a new session is filled with much pomp and ceremony. A new Speaker of the Ho...

 By Iowa DNR    News    January 10, 2019

Northwest Iowa Fishing Report

Black Hawk Lake Most remaining ice is unsafe for travel. Angling activity has occurred in open water from the inlet bridge and the fishing shelter on Ice House Point. Large areas of open water near...

 By Dorothy Rosby    News    December 6, 2018

Holiday greetings to you and yours!

Dear friends, I hope you've had a wonderful 2018. We've had much to be thankful for this year: no cavities, no car troubles, no overdraft notices. Plus we only had five trick-or-treaters on...

 By Gary Wright    News    November 29, 2018

Clippings from ISU Extension

The crop year 2018 will soon end. As with the rest of this crop year, harvest weather has offered final challenges to Northwest Iowa producers. The final 2018 crop size, customarily reported in...

 By Iowa DNR    News    November 29, 2018

Iowa's 2018 shotgun deer season quickly approaching

Deer hunters will soon be trading in their bows for shotguns and body harnesses for blaze orange vests as the calendar turns to December and the first of Iowa’s three main gun seasons begin. And based on reports, it looks like hunting will be...


Don't Look It Up!

When children of long ago had questions, their wise mothers often sent them to the encyclopedia. “Look it up,” they said, and obedient children did as they were told. More clever children realized their mothers didn’t know all the answers but...

 By Iowa DNR    News    November 15, 2018

Did you know that Iowa has nine species of bats?

Iowa DNR Two of the most common bats in Iowa are the little brown bat (Myotis lucifigus) and the big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus). Like all of the bats in Iowa, they are insectivores and are critical for keeping Iowa’s insect populations in check....


American Life in Poetry

Until about a hundred years ago, the worth of a poem was measured by how noble and elevated was its subject and its manner of delivery, but with the appearance of modernism all hell broke loose and suddenly there were all sorts of subjects one had...

 By Renee Sweers    News    November 8, 2018


Now is the time to start planning for a tasty Thanksgiving meal. Planning reduces stress and helps keep food safe. The Turkey: Purchase • Decide what type of turkey you will purchase. Purchase a fro...

 By Dorothy Rosby    News    November 8, 2018

Well, That Went Well!

It's almost Turkey Time; that special time of year we set aside to focus on everything we have to be thankful for-unless we're turkeys. There are the little things (baked goods, seventies rock and...


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