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No Child Left on Their Behind

I haven't told my husband yet, but I've made a unilateral decision. We're going to observe Screen-Free Week April 29-May 5. I don't normally approve of unilateral decisions in marriages, but I'm suppo...


American Life in Poetry

There's a lot of very wordy poetry these days, but here is a poem of only around 120 words in which every choice is necessary. I recently accepted another poem by Caitlin Doyle, who lives in Ohio,...


American Life In Poetry

There's nothing that can't be a good subject for a poem. The hard part is to capture something in such a way that it becomes engaging and meaningful. Here's a poem from the Summer 2018 issue of...


American Life In Poetry

I like this poem for the way it portrays the manner in which we study the behavior of others and project our own experiences onto their lives. It's the second poem we've published by Jeanie...


Remain Calm

I don't know how you find a needle in a haystack, but I do know how you find one in a carpet. You walk around in stockinged feet for a while; that's how. We just painted and put in new carpet in our...

 By staff    Entertainment    April 11, 2019

O'Brien County Bell Past Files

20 years ago -1999 Primghar Chamber Annual Dinner – The Primghar Chamber of Commerce will be holding its annual dinner on Friday, April 16 at t h e Primghar Golf and Country Club . Happy hour is...

 By staff    Entertainment    April 11, 2019

The Paullina Times Past Files

20 years ago – 1999 O'Brien County Ag Day welcomes former North Dakota Governor George Skinner - With the theme "Brighten the Picture with Value Added Agriculture", this year's O'Brien County Ag...

 By staff    Entertainment    April 11, 2019

Past Files Of The Sutherland Courier

20 years ago – 1999 Local business to reopen April 20 - For someone who always wanted to own their own business, likes to cook, and is a people person, The Den was just the ticket. Cheryl Rickett...


Decision Time in Aisle One

I always get my milk last at the grocery store because I don't want it to curdle while I try to choose between whole wheat, crushed wheat, honey wheat, honey bran, sunflower, or twelve grain bread.... Full story


Seeking long-term relationships

A co-worker once asked me if I grew up during the Depression. "No, I did not," I snapped. "If I'd grown up during the Depression, don't you think I'd be retired by now?" I might have been a little...


American Life In Poetry

One of the many challenges in life is in knowing where you’re supposed to sit. I slid into the wrong pew at a funeral forty years ago and still smart from the hard looks I got. Here’s a church pew poem by Bruce Pemberton, who lives in Palouse,...


American Life In Poetry

Pauletta Hansel lives in Cincinnati, and today’s poem is from her book Palindrome, from Dos Madres Press in Loveland, Ohio. It’s a collection of poems about her mother’s dementia, and although there have been many individual poems about that...


The Coolest Generation

Every generation since Adam and Eve has criticized the next one for their music, fashion, work ethic and inexperience, forgetting that all those same criticisms were once leveled against them. Also... Full story


Sole Mates and Surgery

I used to keep the partners of every sock my family ever lost on the off chance that someday their sole mates would return. It was wishful thinking, considering some of them probably went missing...


American Life In Poetry

Liz Ahl was once a very talented graduate student in our creative writing program at The University of Nebraska, but she’s long since moved on to teach at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. The following villanelle is from her handsomely... Full story


American Life In Poetry

Caitlin Doyle, who lives in Ohio, writes haunting, memorable poetry about the familiar and the strange. Her poetry is a fine example of what I call strategic artistry, as if her words have been carefully held back until they burst into light at just...


Dropping the Ball and Breaking the Plates

I'm trudging across a slushy parking lot when an acquaintance hurries by and says, "Hi! How are you?" I say, "Great! How are you," like I just won the lottery. Except I'm not fine. I had minor foot... Full story


American Life In Poetry

There are so many fine poems in Richard Robbins’ new and selected poems, Body Turn to Rain, published by LynxHouse Press, that I had a difficult time choosing one to show you. This one, though, with its tablecloth trick, is one of my favorites....


American Life In Poetry

A child at a school bus stop, on his way out into the world, a fine subject for a fine poem by Dante Di Stefano, who lives in Endwell, New York. Might we all live out our days in a place called... Full story


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